Ambassador Wholesale - CurrentStraw (16 Units)

We are thrilled to work with motivated partners across the globe who are interested in acting as CurrentStraw Ambassadors! This program is a great way to save money on larger orders and make money by benefiting from exclusive product discounts!

CurrentStraw is exploding in popularity and Q4 is here! Support the "straw-free" movement this holiday season and help your friends, family, and customers move away from single use straws forever! 

By purchasing our Ambassador pack, you will receive 16 units of our CurrentStraw "Two Go" set, at hugely discounted prices! Normally each set is $19.99 but under our Ambassador program, you will receive 16 units for only $11.99 each! A 40% savings!

Once you receive your Ambassador Case, you can re-sell the individual CurrentStraw units for the regular retail price of $19.99! Or, use some yourself, give some away as gifts, and sell the remaining. The option is yours!

All Prices INCLUDE shipping to your location! No extra charges! 



    Two Straws - Wholesale 
    (16 units included in each TWO GO Ambassador pack)

    Your Ambassador Price: $11.99 per unit
    Retail Price: $19.99 per unit

    Each TWO GO Straw unit includes:
    - 2 CurrentStraw
    - 1 Curved Silicone Straw Tip
    - 1 Straight Silicone Straw Tip
    - 1 Bamboo Holder
    - 1 Cleaning Brush
    - 1 Travel Bag
    - Packaged in 8.5X2.75X1.75 Branded CurrentStraw Box

    All wholesale orders quoted in USD
    ***No online re-selling below $19.99 is permitted without permission from CurrentStraw***